Simplicity Nano™ (2 pack)


  • 24/7 condition-based monitoring with real-time alerts for abnormal equipment behavior
  • Simplicity Sensors™ are your eyes and ears to remotely monitor critical assets in between scheduled inspections
  • Plug & play solution that installs in minutes, requires zero IT integration. Attach to any equipment using the integrated high strength magnet or via optional direct mount adapter
  • Compliment your existing control system by collecting data for individual pieces of equipment for temporary troubleshooting or permanent optimization
  • Monitor vibration (velocity & acceleration), surface temperature and leak detection (wet/dry based on conductivity)
  • Included: (2) Simplicity Nano sensors, (2) optional mounting bases and (2) screws
Simplicity IoT™ Overview

Simplicity IoT is a simplified, turnkey remote monitoring solution that offers personalized hardware and software that enables customers to make data-based decisions about critical pieces of equipment. Each piece of the Simplicity IoT framework works in harmony to provide customers with a simplified approach to industrial and commercial asset monitoring. Easily identify inefficiencies in equipment – before they result in unintentional and costly downtime.

Simplicity Sensors™

The Simplicity IoT family of sensors monitor critical parameters such as vibration, temperature, pressure, water contact and more.

Simplicity Edge™

The Simplicity Edge gateway transmits the data from Simplicity Sensors in real-time to the Simplicity Cloud platform.

Simplicity Cloud™

Simplicity Cloud enables condition-based monitoring of equipment 24/7 for alerts, trend analysis and anomaly detection.

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