Case Study: Chesterton Connect

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  • The A.W. Chesterton Company is a world leader in helping process industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms.
  • Chesterton realized it could add value by providing seal condition monitoring and analysis; however, implementation of “IoT” technologies was outside their core competency.
  • Speeding time to market, Chesterton partnered with Preddio to realize its IoT ambitions.


  • Customer use-case driven requirements were rapidly developed and iterated upon, focused on differentiated value.
  • The appropriate architecture and implementation strategy was chosen to support their use cases – a Bluetooth app-based solution with options to add cloud and remote monitoring was ultimately chosen.
  • User interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) was developed to support non-technical customers, simplifying the product experience from installation to operation.


  • Chesterton Connect launched in early 2020, less than one year from conception.
  • Since launch, hundreds of customer success stories have occurred – examples of saved mechanical seals, pumps, and most importantly unexpected downtime, continue to elevate and enhance the Chesterton service offering.
  • By partnering with Preddio, Chesterton was able to become the first seal manufacturer offering this type of solution – setting trends, increasing sales, and improving market perception.

IoT for Commercial

Commercial service suppliers turn to Preddio to maximize and preserve the value of company assets in the field. Preddio improves inventory management, enables upselling opportunities, and reduces operating and logistical costs. Solution range includes:

    • Real-time inventory updates and trends enabling automated stock replenishment.
    • IoT-enabled upselling opportunities driven by consumption trends.
    • Remotely monitor and view remote field equipment through the cloud.
    • Phone app to visualize equipment data or for advanced diagnostics.
    • Proven data communications reliability and uptime.
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iot simplified

IoT for Industry

Hello industry 4.0! Industrial and manufacturing companies turn to Preddio for predictive and preventive maintenance. Preddio improves production line safety through independent monitoring of critical equipment, lowering the risk of downtime incidents and reducing maintenance costs. Solution range includes:

    • Creation of digital twins for analysis and prediction of equipment performance.
    • Real-time status updates and trend lines for proactive maintenance and service management.
    • Enablement for ‘Reliability-as-a-Service’ revenue streams.
    • Patent pending advanced sensor data analysis including vibration, pressure and critical environment.
iot simplified
iot simplified