Make informed decisions
about your equipment
based on data

Data points collected and counting

Simplicity IoT™

24/7 preventative maintenance

and real time data collection

Make informed decisions about your products and processes


Receive mobile and email alerts
for changes in vibration,
temperature, pressure, flow,
power and more –to take action.


Our software platforms aggregates
large quantities of data in simple
formats to help you make decisions
faster and easier.


Simplicity data allows you to
optimize your process by reducing
downtime, increasing efficiency
and simplifying maintenance.

Simplicity IoT is used in a variety of industries to remotely monitor

and help collect data in real time


Scale your ability to monitor and service existing and new customers


Offer IoT solutions on your products for remote monitoring



Ensure your buildings are running at optimal levels by preventing downtime

Simplicity IoT™

Monitor any machine, anywhere, anytime

We offer a full solution that works together or individually to help you make decisions about your equipment.
Simplicity sensors monitor the critical parameters of your equipment. Simplicity Edge transcripts the data, and sends it along to our Simplicity Mobile and Simplicity Cloud platforms for a simple to understand real-time and historical view of your equipment.

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