Preddio Technologies™ is an application-specific IoT solution provider that enables industrial and commercial companies to reduce operating costs and uncover new revenue streams with remote asset management. We offer a simplified, turnkey solution by pairing a curated selection of sensors with personalized hardware and software to meet the application needs. Preddio’s IoT solutions deliver condition monitoring, asset management, and performance analytics through the combination of built for purpose electronics, communications, and pre-built cloud application modules.


Digitize real world assets with a curated selection of sensors and electronics. Pressure, temperature, vibration, flow – the options are limitless.


Don’t have a data scientist? Preddio aggregates and presents large quantities of data in meaningful, human readable ways enabling data driven decisions.


Apply newly gained insights and understanding towards problems that truly impact your customers. Let Preddio handle the “IoT part” and focus on your core business.

Slide Preddio IoT for Commercial Commercial service suppliers turn to Preddio to maximize and preserve the value of company assets in the field. Preddio improves inventory management, enables upselling opportunities, and reduces operating and logistical costs. Learn More

Slide Preddio IoT for Industry
Hello industry 4.0! Industrial and manufacturing companies turn to Preddio for predictive and preventive maintenance. Preddio improves safety and reliability through independent monitoring of critical equipment, lowering the risk of downtime incidents and reducing maintenance costs.  Learn More

Simplified Stack

Powered by Preddio IoT solutions leverage libraries of secure and reliable IP blocks. We’ve developed proven technologies, so that customers can get to market quickly.

Simplified UI

Preddio’s user interface and applications are simple to navigate and manage via the cloud. Plug-and-play dashboard designs transform the complex nature of IoT into a discernible experience.

Simplified Engagement

A cost-effective and collaborative engagement model maximizes the ROI of IoT programs through streamlined execution and delivery. Preddio plans, tests, and delivers an optimized IoT solution.

Emulate Real-World Assets with Digital Twins

iot simplified
iot simplified
Preddio leverages digital twin technology to give customers access to digital replicas of their physical assets in the field. Real-world data from sensors on assets are relayed into the cloud as inputs, and Preddio produces trendlines and simulations on an asset’s digital twin to see how the real-world asset will be affected by those inputs now and into the future.
  • Enables software to aggregate performance data, learn from it, and predict the future, all from a real-world asset.
  • Allows traceability by housing historical data from the real-world asset, thus enabling data-driven decision making.
  • Structured data enhances the surrounding process, creating optimizations that were previously hidden.

The Preddio Engagement Approach

1. Assessment

iot simplified

Evaluate and understand

Gauge IoT goals and competition

Proof of concept and demonstrations

2. Planning

iot simplified

Architecture selection

Finalize strategy, timeline and phases

Develop an optimized bill of materials

3. Development

iot simplified

Streamlined execution 

Rapid implementation of solution

Iterate and optimize final product